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Scheduling an Inspection and General Comments

This form is for scheduling inspections or for requesting price quotes. If you simply have a question, or would like to communicate with the inspector, please call 503.502.1495 or email nickelsenhomeinspections@gmail.com.

Please provide as much information as possible using options and prompts below based on your purpose for contacting us. Any information that is not provided here may need to be provided over the telephone prior to the inspection and/or prior to an accurate price quote for an inspection service. As such, we ask that you be as complete as possible in filling out this form: there is an intention behind every question and each bit of information that we are collecting from you.

ALL standard Residential Home Inspections in Oregon come with a “pest and dry rot inspection” (NPMA-33 Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report). ALL standard Residential Home Inspections in Washington come with a WSDA “Complete Wood Destroying Organism Inspection Report (“pest and dry rot inspection”), as well as a NPMA-33 Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report if your loan is FHA/VA/USDA or any other type of loan that requires a clear NPMA-33 report.

Utilities: Over 90% of the homes we are inspecting right now are vacant and are either bank owned properties or short sales. It is the selling party's responsibility to ensure that the home and all of its systems and components, including the utilities are on inside the home and ready for inspection. It does not matter if it is a bank owned property. If bank owned, the listing agent/Realtor/broker is responsible for getting the utilities on in the house. It is not the responsibility of the buyer, the buyer's agent, or the inspector to turn utilities on in the home, get the water heater going, operate main valves, etc. If you are in your inspection contingency period you have every right to ask for an extension on your time period for inspection of the selling party (whether it is a "seller", a bank, or the listing agent) if they are unable to meet your reasonable request to have the utilities on for inspection. Finally, we kindly request that inspections be scheduled after there is confirmation that the utilities are on, which is in your best interest. We assure you that you will never wait long for us. If you have a property that needs and inspection, but the utilities are off, please go ahead and fill out this form so that we have the information. We will then schedule the inspection after you have confirmation that the utilities are on (at all locations in the home).

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General Comments:
If you have any general comments, questions about our services, concerns about the property that you would like to note of, or any extra information that you would like to give us, please use the comment box below.

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